"Grieving the loss of a child is a process, it begins the day your child passes and ends the day the parent joins them."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good News!

Carly's platelet's came up. Yay!! Not a huge amount, but the doctor was happy and so were we. Today, her platelet's were 76,000. According to the doctor, that's a nice jump/start. It's also encouraging that there was and increase. Some of her other counts went down a tad, but not much. We have to take her back in a week for another check. The doctor said she just wasn't ready to turn us loose for another 6months. So, I will worry for another week..ugh!

While we were at clinic today, the doctor pulled Carly's lab work from 9/06 thru today. She believes this is a trend with Carly. Carly tends to be just at the normal range or a tad under when it comes to her white blood count. Her platelets have dipped down a few other times. Each time was just after an illness. So, the doctor believes that this is likely just Carly and her "make up" with her immune system. That her bone marrow really takes a direct hit when she is sick. The thought of checking her bone marrow now, isn't really being talked much about. Unless, we see some weird stuff going on and/or her platelets take another hit.

So, we pray. Pray for her platelets to continue to rise. Pray for her blood work to remain stable/normal. Also, that she remains healthy so we can be sure to get good, accurate lab results.

I'm very happy today is behind us. However, I'm a mom and I worry and I will continue to worry. I HATE, HATE, HATE the word cancer. It's such an ugly word. I hate the sound of it. I hate how scary it is. I hate the effects of it. I hate the fact that so many innocent children have to suffer through this horrible, horrible yucky cancer. It just plain sucks!


Denise said...

Hi, I just came across your blog. I just started one this week too although I have been following others for over a year. I too have a daughter with Ds. She is almost 14 months old and we may be entering into the world of leukemia soon. My daugher was born with a transient form of leukemia that resolved itself at birth but this put her at a higher risk for getting leukemia later. The doctors have been following her blood ever since. Recently there have been some changes but they haven't seen any blasts yet. If you visit the first entry on my blog, I have detailed it a little bit more. I look forward to following you and I pray that Carly's counts return to normal. I can so relate!!!

Kristen's mom said...

I also hate the Cancer word. Watching the blood counts is a scary thing. Kristen finished her chemo almost 3 months ago and her platelets and ANC is still low. I hope to see improvement soon. Relapse is a scary thing. How long has Carly been through with chemo?

Michelle said...

it sounds like good news that her platelets came up! Hopefully they continue to rise!