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Friday, June 5, 2009

Last day of school. Part 2

Isn't Carly a cutie pie??!!
Elena, Carly and Shanna. They are
very good friends. Elena is 5 and
Carly and Shanna are both 7. In fact
C and S are only 2 weeks apart in age.

Elena, Carly and Carson.
Carly is very shy around Carson.
The teacher says "Carson just loves
Carly" ;)

Giving me a heart attack! Carly loves to
mimic the other kids with everything they
do. Including grabbing the bar above the slide
and swinging her legs out to take a flying leap onto the
slide! This is fun and fine and dandy for the other kiddos, but
Carly doesn't have great strength in her left arm/hand (more about that later)
And, her balance is not so good either. My hair was getting grayer by the
minute watching her. Bless her heart though, she really tries her best to
keep up with the other kids.

On another note. We are heading to Ann Arbor in a bit. Carly is due for
more blood work. Please say a prayer that everything is still looking good.
I have been full of anxiety for the past 3 days. I'm just sure she is OK, but
I really need to see that lab sheet to ease my mind. This is suppose to
be our last weekly blood draw. We are then suppose to get back on our
regular 6 months schedule. So, please hold Carly close in prayer today.
I will post the results later today.
Thanks so much!
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Beth said...

hoping the blood work comes back perfect!