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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Date Night.

Paul and I have birthday's only 5 days apart. The kids like it because they can get us gift cards together! So last night, Paul and I had a date night. Ashleigh and Brad gave us a gift card to Smokey Bones. The meal was great and the place was packed.

After we ate, we headed to the movies. We really hadn't planned on seeing a movie, but the theater was right next door to the restaurant. We figured we'd may as well check out show times. It was 7pm when we pulled up to the sign outside the theater. We quickly read the listings and found this one. Granted, it was rated R, but we had both heard it was a really funny movie. Showtime was at 7:05..we had to hustle. I must say, it was the funniest movie I have ever seen. I had to keep wiping tears away because of laughing so darn hard. No kidding. We laughed so hard through the entire movie. Honestly, the only really raunchy part was at the very end of the movie. It lasted maybe 2 minutes. Guess that's the reason for the "R" rating.

Although this was a funny movie and you really couldn't help but laugh hysterically through almost the entire movie. A couple of parts could have been left out and the it would have been just as funny. They used that "R word" a couple of times. I believe I heard it 3 times. Will Hollywood ever learn?? Probably not.

We rarely go out without Carly. The last time we went to the movies was to see Hannah Montana. Before that we saw The Bee Movie and Horton Hears a Who...or whatever the name of it was! We did have a nice time. I only text Ashleigh twice and called once. Not bad for me...the worry wart.

Carly had fun at home with Ashleigh. I know she thinks that Ashleigh is her second momma. Although she doesn't call her momma, she calls her "sissy". They went to McDonald's and then to the park. Ashleigh was telling us that she had to ask a lady at the park for help getting Carly out of the baby swing. She said she (Ashleigh) just wasn't tall enough to get Carly out all by herself.(Ashleigh is only about 5'1"). She said it had to have been really funny for everyone at the park. Watching this little tiny short gal trying to pull a 40# 42" 7 year old out of a baby swing. Not sure why she didn't put her in the "big girl swing"! After they got home, Ashleigh said Carly started getting worried that we weren't home. She kept asking for "dumb momma and Paul". We got home and were greeted with lots of hugs. Yes, she was still up at 10:30! She's our little night owl. In fact, she was up until midnight last night. Which makes for a tired momma!

Our date night was nice. Wish we could have a few more of them. Since Ashleigh heads back to school next weekend, we lose our sitter. Although, neither of us like to leave Carly. We would much rather take her wherever we go.


Heather said...

Haven't been to the movies in years.Wonderful to go out and lose yourself in the mundane and the funny.Funny always helps.Isn't it amazing how empty we feel when our little ones aren't with us.Especially,for some reason, these extra special last ones.I feel totally out of sink when I don't have Zoey with me.Enjoy whats left of the rest of your Sunday.

Stephanie said...

Date night, I think I remember something like that a looong time ago. Good for you!

Stephanie said...

I just went and watched the trailer for the movie you saw. Laughing my self silly!!!!!!!!

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Hubby and I saw that movie. Yeah, the end is the worst. I could have gone without seeing some of those pictures, especially the elevator ones!

Lacey said...

Oh I so need a date with my hubby. My boys are making me crazy. We'll have to plan one for this weekend. Thanks for reminding me I need one.

Michelle said...

it's nice that you guys were able to get out for a date night!