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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Looking Back 2004

August, 2004. We were on vacation in the Smokey Mountains. A beautiful place. The perfect place to go and relax 6 weeks after Carly had undergone her 2nd open heart surgery. Carly was 31 months old in this picture. She was healthy. We were happy. Our family had such fun on that vacation.

We went to Dollywood. Carly had so much fun trying to climb that tree. She was is such a great mood that day. We spent most of the afternoon hanging out. Waiting and hoping to see Dolly. We didn't see her tho.,!

We hung out at our hotel. Played in the pool for hours at a time. Which Carly thought was too much fun. She loved it!

Paul and Brad exploring during one of our many sight seeing adventures up in the mountains.
Yes. We did see bears. I even snapped a couple of pictures, but for the life of me, I can not find them.

I believe that Paul was acting silly trying to get a smile out of Carly while she sat upon this rock watching all the crazy people jumping over a stream. Poor little girl. She was getting a runny nose on this day. It was our last day of our vacation. We spent time in another park up in the mountains. We would be heading North that night.

A picture of Ashleigh, Carly and me.

Before we headed north. We stopped at Brad's buddy's house. His family moved to the northeastern most part of Tennessee in 2002. Wish I would have snapped a couple of pictures going up their mountain. Holy cow...it was quite a scary drive up, up, up a tiny little narrow "path". (as the kids referred to the road) Honestly, I was too scared to even think about pulling out a camera as we headed up that windy tiny road, along the side of the mountain.

At this point, Carly was getting very whiny and clingy. It was quite obvious she was getting sick. Poor baby. This pic was taken just as we were getting ready to head further north on our journey home.

Stay tuned for the continuation of, Looking Back 2004.

*you finally see my face* ;o)
**Sorry for the poor quality pics. This was my 1rst digital camera and it was NOT a good one.


Lacey said...

anxiously waiting for the rest of the story.

Laura said...

Carly was just so cute!!!

You know we live only 1 hour and 30minutes from Dollywood. Looking forward to hearing about the next part of 2004.

Heidi said...

I loved seeing older pictures of Carly - she was so cute!! It's great to see pictures of you too!

Looking forward to reading some more!

Tina said...

Carly looked so so cute, but then she still does!!! Nice to put a face to a person at last, talking about you... looking forward to reading the rest