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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One of those days...

I had a couple of pictures to share today...but, my pic's wouldn't load onto my computer. Of course it may of had something to do with the fact that my battery was dead!

The snow is flying here in Mid Michigan. Something we haven't been blessed with much this year. Or should I say, cursed much with! The weather guy says upwards of 10-12" by tomorrow night. High winds, with gusts of 50mph are suppose to pick up later tonight. Which will cause some major drifting. YUCK!

My tickle in my throat is so much better. Funny what a few days of antibiotics will do for ya! Only problem now...my head is POUNDING!

Carly is so much better. If you follow me on Facebook, you likely saw her picture. She was sitting on her "perch" (counter top) as we call it. She sits there often. We started placing her on the counter during her chemo. Now, it's her favorite hang out spot while I'm busy in the kitchen.

Ahhh, the kitchen. A place I haven't been able to organize in the last few days. It's driving me nuts. But, honestly, who is going to stop by when everyone knows we've had the sickies??!!

As far as Carly and her sickies...she is doing so much better. Up and playing. Into EVERYTHING. Keeping my house a constant mess! One would think we had an army of 8 year olds in this house. I'm not really complaining...much! Honestly, I love the fact that she's a mover and groover. It reassures me that, over all, she's feeling pretty good. Except for the terrible cough she has. I did finally get some cough med into her last night. I gave her Delsym. Normally the cardiologist would frown on giving her cough meds. But, this cough was so awful, her doctor decided a couple of doses wasn't going to hurt. The problem of course, is getting the meds into her. She is terrible about taking meds. The only antibiotic that she takes really well is Omnicef. The taste of Omnicef is similar to that of strawberry milk. The Delsym is grape flavored and tastes equally as good as the Omnicef. Well, except that it's grape flavored!

This poor house has been so neglected since last Thursday. Guess I had better get busy, 'cuz you know, it's just another, One of those days!


Lacey said...

Glad everyones feeling better. I do agree that delsym tastes pretty dang good. Its all my kids will take!

Tausha said...

Glad everyone is feeling better. Funny but Sam loves the grape taste but not the others. Funny kids aren't they.

Mary said...

Glad to hear everyone is feeling a bit better!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!