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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Appointment day with no insurance. Yeah, I have a chip on my shoulder today!

Carly had a dentist appointment today. I was so dreading it. She was too. She flipped out each and every time we mentioned the word "dentist". But, to my surprise, she did a good job today.

We met a new dentist. A female, Dr R. She was so sweet, gentle and soft spoken. A very pleasant person to talk to. Of course Carly did panic a bit. Who could blame her after Aug's appointment with Dr. J. Who by the way, I have heard terrible things about. From other dentist offices. I only wish I would have heard it all before I took Carly there last summer. Live and learn I guess. Sadly, it was at Carly's expense. This time around, I did a TON of homework. I even called adult dentist offices for recommendations.

Things went okay. The teeth/tooth, in question looked good. Well, as good as a damaged tooth can look. No major problems going on at this time. However, this dentist said due to the trauma that her teeth have had, we will be watching for problems for the next several years. Even into her adult life. Nice. Just what a mom wants to hear. But, no cavities today! Honestly, I was hoping for a cavity over anything major. So I was very happy to hear, "all clear for now". Whew!

April 6th, I'll take her in for another recheck. To make sure that something isn't trying to creep up on her. She will have a cleaning at that time also.

This dentist told me that she will not mess around with Carly and her teeth. If the time happens to come, where Carly would need extensive dental work, due to her injured teeth. Dr R, will take Carly to the OR at our local hospital. Which I prefer. Extensive dental work is traumatic enough on anyone...times 50 for Carly! Not to mention, we don't want her to associate root canals, extractions and any other major dental procedures with the dentist office. Again, thanks Dr. J., for freaking my daughter out completely.

After the dentist we headed over to our doctor's office. Carly has been battling a nasty nose for about a week now. Last night, I noticed spots in the back of her throat. Today's diagnosis: Strep throat and a sinus infection. I can not believe how many times this poor kid has had strep throat this year. Back on antibiotics she goes! I swear, it's never ending.

If you read the title to this post, you'll notice the part that says, "no insurance". Well, that's because, we have no flippin' insurance. Thank you Mr. D (Paul's boss), who jips his employees out of hours and pay. Oh yeah, benefits too.

Paul works for the Laborer's Union. Which is a JOKE! Paul has worked with this union for most of his life. He started when he was 18. Took a break for about 10 years, but went back to it. 15 straight years he's been working steady (with the exception of being laid off for 6 months a couple years back) with the union. Well, the way the union works is so nuts. You have to pay your dues each month. Come Hell or high water. You HAVE to pay them....But, you can lose your benefits if.........your boss stops turning in your time and paying for them. Here's the kicker...There is NOTHING you can do. Sit back and wait until Mr. D decides he's good and ready to pay up his employees benefits. So. As of Feb 1, 2010, we have NO medical/dental insurance.

You see, the union does nothing for anyone but the big boss men sitting in their offices. Makes me sick to my stomach! So, today I paid $103 for Carly to see the dentist and have a couple sets of x-rays done. Then, I went over to the doctor's office, where he reduced his rate from $75 per visit, to $50 for today. Only after I told him about having no insurance.

Thankfully, Carly does have a second insurance, through the state of Michigan. It's called Children's Special Health Care Services. They will pay for her prescriptions, thank goodness. But, they will not pay for her to see a dentist or a general care doctor. They tell me that's up to our other insurance. Which normally, isn't a problem.

I just spoke with our insurance company. They informed me that our insurance was terminated and it will take 300 continuous work hours to reactivate it. Oh, and they take no back hours..because it was terminated. We start all over. So, the hours Mr. D didn't turn in are no good now. Isn't that sweet?! Mr. D has until March 15th to turn in Feb, hours...or we may lose those too. Un-freakin' believable. We are looking at April..and if there isn't 300 hrs, it could be May, before we may be able to have insurance back. Unbelievable! After 15 straight years of being in the union. Paying dues on time. Working everyday. It all falls upon Mr. D. Who quite frankly doesn't give a rats A double S about his workers or their families.
So, yes...I do have a HUGE chip on my shoulder today!


my family said...

when Catherine was three she had to get three caps on her back teeth, we had her put to sleep at a surgery center. (she has bad teeth b/c of antibiotics she was on due to ear infections when she was a baby)I can't imagine having that done while seh was awake...not worth it. If they are asleep they wont associate it with the dentist. Good luck with that its never fun to have done...even as an adult :)

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

i am glad you found a nice dentist for carly! on the other hand, that is just AWFUL about the insurance situation... i hope you can somehow get it straightened out without too much stress or time going by!!!!

The VW's said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!! What a "great" boss! Hope you are insured again soon! And, hope Carly is feeling better soon too! HUGS!

Michelle said...

I'm so frustrated for you with the insurance situation! I can't believe he can just elect to not submit it and thus leaving your family w/out insurance! it doesn't seem like that can be legal!