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Monday, March 1, 2010

My Menu Plan.

Last week, Paul worked a very late night. So, I changed up my menu from last week just a bit. Oh, and Ashleigh didn't end up coming home last weekend. Carly was kind of sad about that. She will be home this weekend though.

This weeks menu is including the grill. It's suppose to be in the mid 40's!! That means, I'm taking advantage of grilling out! It's yummy and saves a mess in my kitchen!

I've switched our Friday night pizza night to Saturday for this week. Per Ashleigh's request. She wants it ordered from her favorite pizza shop in our town. Which is okay by me, as I've been making homemade pizza the last three weeks! It's cheaper and tastes pretty darn good too! Plus, Carly eats homemade pizza way better than take out!

Monday: Grilled burgers, french fries and toss salad

Tuesday: Grilled pork chops, grilled potatoes and veggies

Wednesday: Crock pot meal...roast, carrots and potatoes

Thursday: Crock pot chili and corn bread

Friday: Chopped steak sandwiches with coleslaw

Saturday: Pizza night (Ashleigh wants to be home for pizza night)

Sunday: Ashleigh's choice

I'm leaving you with this recipe, that I got from The Pioneer Woman herself! Love her blog. Love this easy, yummy sandwich. Although, I don't make this often, it's a hit here and it was requested for this week's menu!


Jeana said...

Yummy, I am sooo craving good old home cooking, being away from home makes me appreciate it...even though I'm not the best at preparing meals when I am home. One of those things I will definitely be doing when we are out of the hospital.

Michele Risner said...

That sandwich looks YUMMY