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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dare I say it??

I think my dizzy spells may be a tad better this mid morning! But only a tad. One could hope anyway. I don't like this feeling at all. It's very scary to be dizzy so often. Yesterday, I bent over to pick something up off the floor and I nearly fell face first. I caught myself on the edge of the counter. Just before hitting the floor. Carly got a good laugh in seeing that! She got a really good laugh in the other day. I sneezed and fell backward. Carly laughed so hard. So did I. Even though it was very weird to sneeze and fall backward, it was funny. And no doubt, quite a sight!

Yesterday, my mom went to the doctor. We have the same doctor. He's awesome. She told him about me and my dizzy spells. And he already knows we have no health insurance right now. He said my mom was describing, what sounded like a terrible case of inner ear infection. Kind of what I was leaning toward...but I don't have a medical degree! Anyway, doc gave my mom some samples of antibiotics and told her to have me to start taking them ASAP. Good thing too, 'cuz last night was horrible. I couldn't do too much. My head was all swim-y feeling. I couldn't type worth a darn. My fingers just couldn't hit the right keys on the keyboard. I handed Paul a bottle of Diet Pepsi and completely miss judged what I was doing...dropping the whole thing onto the floor. Not a pretty sight. Paul had to clean it up...I couldn't bend or squat without falling over.

I had to stopped driving for a few days. One reason being..I nearly killed Carly and my mom and I on Tuesday. We were heading to Carly's dentist appointment. I was feeling so off that morning. I thought it was from getting no sleep the night before. Thanks to the loud obnoxious thunderstorms passing through the area ALL NIGHT LONG! We were driving down the highway...or freeway...or expressway, which ever floats your boat! I put my blinker on, checked my mirror and began to pass a very slow moving truck. Suddenly, there was a car fender at my driver side window. I jerked the wheel..just like you're never suppose to do. I nearly lost control. I jerked back on the wheel again... and then leveled the car off. Scared the CRAP out of me and my mom. I of course told my mom that the car appeared out of nowhere...but, in reality, I miss judged. Big time! Should have had mom drive, but she doesn't drive highways or cities anymore.

Hopefully, things are on the upward swing today. I think they are. I still feel a bit off. But, as of last night, I have had one double dose (per doctors order) of antibiotic in me. I'm still eating Antivert (drug that levels out your equal librium) like candy.

I am hoping Paul's boss will do something to get our insurance back. Although, he is not the most honest man. I've been making phone calls like crazy. The union,,,where I talked to the "big dog", as Paul put it. I've called the benefits people at Paul's work. I've called the insurance company and anyone else I think can get the ball moving. I'm hoping we have insurance back by May 1. I will then cram all kinds of appt's in. Paul and I will be going for our yearly blood work. I need a yearly with the GYN. Thank goodness I had my mammogram in December. I need to get to the dentist and I really need to get to my Cardiologist. Guess I'll be busy.

We pay out of pocket for Carly to go to the dentist. (we have GREAT dental coverage, when we have insurance) I wont let her health/teeth go down the gutter. We will pay out of pocket for costs for her. No matter the price. The rest of us can just wait. It cost me $200 to get her teeth cleaned Tuesday. Last month, I took her for x-rays, because the school said she was complaining of a toothache. She was fine, but that cost me $105. Then I took her to the doc the same day and spent another $50.

Gosh, reading all that makes my head spring! HAHAHA! If I had to say it...I'd say, I'm a tad bit better today.

Have a great Thursday!
and please, excuse any errors you encounter while reading this.. My head is still kind of swim-y feeling.


The VW's said...

Praying you get better soon! That is a scary and bad feeling!

My husband had this last year and he was diagnosed with a virus that was affecting his ears. He felt terrible! The ENT told him to put peroxide drops in his ears and to lay on his side for awhile afterwards to drain some of the wax out.

Hope you are feeling yourself soon!

Tausha said...

Wow, sounds like you are dealing with alot. I am so sorry about the dizzyness. I hope the antibiotics word. sorry about the insurance mess, man I complain and we have insurance, I can't imagine the bills you are having to pay. Your in my prayers.