"Grieving the loss of a child is a process, it begins the day your child passes and ends the day the parent joins them."

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


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Gift #II

This necklace was a gift from my online friend, Polly and her family. Polly's family is going through such a trying time right now. Her daughter, Kristen is battling leukemia for the 4th time in her life. Recently, Kristen received a bone marrow transplant. Kristen is known to the blogging community as the "Rock Star". Knowing that Polly took time out of her very hectic life to think of me, makes this necklace even more special. When I opened this necklace. It too, brought a tear to my eye. Actually, these necklaces brought many tears to my eyes. The dark red gem, is Carly's birthstone. This is another gift that I will cherish forever. Thank you Polly.

If you would like a necklace like this, actually there are many different necklaces. Click here. Ashleigh is getting one also. I snap a picture of it when it gets here. Her necklace will say "forever sisters" on the larger one and have Carly's name on the smaller one along with Carly's birthstone and a small heart charm.

This picture doesn't do the necklace justice. It's very shiny and beautiful.
I'm a little upset and that this picture didn't turn out very nice. Almost makes me want to
take another one.

I had a real life friend tell me just the other day, that she couldn't believe the amount of support that our family is receiving from all of my online friends. She said, "Joany, it's unreal the amount of support you have with your online friends". So, so true. Most of them, we will never meet in person. However, I did meet one of those friends, Ashlyn's (who is battling leukemia for the second time) mom, Nicki. Nicki had to drive her mom to UofM for an appt. It was just a couple of days after Carly passed away. If I'm not mistaken, the drive for Nicki from her home, to Ann Arbor is around 7 hours. Nicki took her mom to the appt., and dropped her off. Then headed to my parents house, which is 35 miles of back tracking, from Ann Arbor. Nicki may not have realized how much I appreciated that visit. But I really did. Thank you Nicki, for making your way to my parents house that day.


Michele Risner said...

That's a beautiful necklace

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful necklace and it is amazing the amount of support that can come from online friends. Certain people just captivate and capture people's hearts like Carly has.

I so very much hope that you are able to get answers as to what happened. My sister lost her 6 year old daughter with special needs in a similar, very sudden manner. She never could have dealt with it if it hadn't been for getting an answer as to the cause. I believe it also helped those around her who were terrified that the same thing could happen to our kids. The unknown is always more difficult than knowing.

You have done an amazing job with your children and I have no doubt A and B are going to do amazing things because of Carly!

my family said...

such a beautiful necklace, even if it is not shining :)

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

I think the picture you took of the necklace is beautiful - wow!
thinking of you!!!

The VW's said...

That necklace is perfect! What a wonderful tribute to Carly and the awesome love that she was given by her Momma! It brings tears to my eyes! May God continue to surround you and your family with peace, grace and strength and also continued support!

You are thought of often and prayed for lots! Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!

MiyokoC_Rachal奕玲 said...
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