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Friday, June 19, 2009

Baseball All Star!

Carly had a blast while playing "bat ball" as she calls it. We bought her a T-ball set in the spring. That was a big hit. Then, she also played T-ball in gym class. The teacher said Carly just loved it. She would hit the ball and run like the dickens to each base. Cracking up the whole time!

Sorry for the blurry video. I was trying to keep our puppy off my lap so I could film. I realized after I was done, that the darn pup licked my lens. What is it with all the licking going on??!!

Hopefully everyone can view this video clip. I had a HECK of a time posting it.


2blessed2stress said...

Oh how fun! Carly cracks me up, that girl sure does love life! :)

2blessed2stress said...

Oh, the video was only 1 second.... ;)

Unknown said...

Ok...gotta repost that one. Oops.