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Monday, June 22, 2009

What a fun weekend..

The town where we live has a Summer Fest each year over fathers day weekend. We of course go each year. Well, almost each year. We weren't home last year and we did miss a couple due to Carly and her illnesses. Otherwise, we go. It's fun. Carly loves it! So much so, she insisted on climbing the cannon that sits in the center of town. She just had to. As every other child in town was doing the same. You know, monkey see, monkey do!

We spent time at the local park. Where Carly never wants to leave. She plays and plays for hours.

Carly and daddy bounced in bounce houses that were set up all over town. Carly LOVES to bounce. Although the big kids tend to make her nervous. They just bounce way to wildly for her liking.

So, we just have daddy jump in and bounce along with her!
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Stephanie said...

Looks like a great time. Every kid loves a bounce house. Something about all that bouncing and sweating.Love the cannon picture.

Lacey said...

Your so lucky,today was the first day it hasn't rained here in 3 weeks. And I was to busy to enjoy it. I hope it stays like this so I can go out and play with the boys.