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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Miss Carly's gone a drivin'...

When Carly takes the wheel, you have to be quick to get outta her way~dog included!
Poor Diesel (dog) just took him a while to catch on. Carly stops for nothing. Nobody. Not even the dog!

Daddy had to follow along behind her for a bit. She has the no desire to really watch where she is driving. She drives, looks all around the yard and is quick to look away at the radio to find her tunes!

This is a rare moment of concentration.

Oops...she hit the deck! She does, eventually throw the car into reverse and backs herself out of these mishaps.

We really love watching her have fun driving her car. She just has a blast! However there are times when she jumps into her car...we all dread it. On these very hot and humid days it's not much fun for us. She knows how to put the car into high gear. At that point, someone has to be running behind her to make sure she doesn't plow her car into anything. (If I'm not mistaken, high gear is 2.5 mph) Not much fun in this hot humid weather we're having right now. Although Carly thinks it's great to be flying around the yard in her little car, while crazy people run along behind her!

I already had my camera off when the funniest thing happened. Carly was just tooling around, at low speed. Paul bent over to pull a few weeds from a flower bed and WHAM....Carly plowed him over. It was so funny. Paul was so surprised. Not sure if Carly intended on plowing daddy over or not. Either way, It would have been a great picture.

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Lacey said...

Look at that sweet car. What a cute doggy you have.

Kim said...

Oh my! Watch out Mama...you may be next:-) Love the car!

Stephanie said...

I think you should post a video of Carly driving.
Really cute puppy.

Stephanie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephanie said...

that was my deleted comment, I posted twice by accident.