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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flu season. Flu shots.

*******UPDATE******* I will be taking Carly in for her flu shot after school today. I had to fib a little. So, I'm sure I'll go to Hell. I told the receptionist that UofM insist that Carly have her shot ASAP, due to her allergy flare up. It's not really a fib. I know UofM like the back of my hand. This is what they would have said, if I would have called them....oops!

It's that time of year again. The time of year where everyone scrambles around trying to find a doctor or clinic to get a flu shot. Why is so darn hard to find a place to get a flu shot anyway? And why do they cost so much? Carly needs hers for obvious reasons. The main one being her heart issues. This year, I find myself a bit nervous about Carly getting the flu shot. First of all. I called the pediatricians office on Monday to see if they had any of the 'regular' flu shots in yet. They do. I was excited, for a second. I told the receptionist that Carly, with her medical history needed one. I was told that they could do it the first week of October. Really??? Hmm. I have, according to the doc's a medically fragile child who NEEDS a flu shot. Why, if the shots are in do I have to wait until the first week in October?? I did question that. I was then told that Carly could get her shot sooner if I would like. I'm thinking, oh good the lady understands the importance of Carly getting this shot sooner rather than later. Until I was told to bring her in on the 25th of September. WHAT??? Seriously, that really isn't much sooner. Sheesh! I also questioned when the H1N1, or as I call it the swine flu shot would be available. I was told, not until mid October. I'm really nervous about this one. Probably why I'm so worked up about the 'regular' flu shot. Everything I've read says that all kids/young adult up to the age of 24 need this flu shot. Especially the "medically fragile kids". Is anyone else as nervous about this new flu shot as I am? I really don't like the idea of Carly getting a new type of flu shot that really doesn't have much history behind it. Sure, they did a study, but I haven't found whether or not it was even completed. If so, I would really like to know the findings. Sure, I know I have to do my part and protect Carly best I can. Which means, following the recommendation of the CDC and of course all of her doctors. But for some reason, I'm really nervous about it this year. I'm calling the pediatrician again today. I want the darn flu shot already. Carly is battling allergies and I'm scared to death it will turn into a sinus infection like usual. If it does, then no flu shot until she is better. That could take weeks. I'm curious as to what your opinions are on the flu shot. The regular one and the new one. Will you be getting your kids in for one or both? Will you be getting yours? If so, is anyone else as nervous over it as me? Probably not. Ashleigh tells me all the time that I'm paranoid. Umm, sorry...just the way it is when it comes to health issues of concern with Carly. I'd say this is a HUGE health issue concern. So, yeah ~ guess I'm entitled to being nervous and a little paranoid Right? I hate flu season.


Denise said...

Ella already got her flu shot...probably a couple of weeks ago. So what you mentioned about the way that IV Benedryl affect Carly....they did tell me that some kids get irritable from it while most sleep. I was afraid that Ella would be the irritable one at first because she was having a hard time settling in but all of a sudden....OUT!!

Lacey said...

I'm kind of iffy too. I never got the flu shot. When I worked in the hospital I had to and both times I had a horrible winter being sick. Now our family gets one because of Jax and I've had a good last couple of winters. I'm not sure how much they help. Jax had to be intubated from pnemonia and he had the flu shot AND synagis shots. So I'm not sure with respitory kids if it helps much. I'm not sure about the new vaccine either. I will definitely be talking to my ped about that one before we get it for him. I'm not to worried about the H1N1 virus though because it has proven to be not as bad as even the regular flu. Its symptoms usually only last a couple of days, so is a new vaccine worth that to try? We'll see.

Me said...

I'm so up in the air too. The kids have only had the flu shot once, and I got my first one last year. I was never big into it. Now this year though I'm really stressing over it. I will probably get the regular one for all of them, but the H1N1, doubtful.

Me said...

LOL...good for you!

Maureen said...

I think we are going to pass on the flu shot this year as well. when Penny was 6 months she was due for her 2nd open heart surgery in November and my dh and I battled with the decision to get the RSV shot. Her cardiologist of course wanted her to get it. Do you know there is mouse genetic materiel in those shots? So we decided against it, but then her surgery was postponed until the middle of December so we felt like we had to. If she got sick and and her surgery was pushed off longer, it would be very bad for her. That winter I got a flu shot only since I was nursing I figured Penny would get protected. She was healthy all winter THANK GOD. Last year we all got the shot. This year. . . I am not that convinced about it either with it being new and everything. Why are there no easy decisions to being a parent!!?!? Sheesh!