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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is there a Doctor in the house??

Why yes, that would be Doctor Carly!

She is first giving herself an injection. This is pretty much how she deals with the real injections. No big deal to her. She sits and watches without much fuss. When the nurse/doc pokes her, Carly says, "Duh"! and shrugs her shoulders. As if it's no big deal.

This is her favorite doll. Sadly, this is how she plays dolls. Well, that's not entirely true. She does like to push her dolls in their doll stroller. She likes to feed them and change their clothes. Well, actually she likes them with no shirts on! As for rocking and such...not so much. But this is the way she spends most playtime with her dolls.

I suppose this is just what Carly knows. Doctoring at it's finest.

This doll was a Christmas present last year from my brother and his wife. It's a doll complete with all things necessary for a good doctor in training. That would be Carly.

This doll has a 'hole' for the syringe on it's little bottom. When you stick the tip of the syringe into the hole, the doll cries and cries. Until you pick her up and stick a bottle in her mouth. Carly doesn't use that hole much. She prefers to do what she knows best. The syringe right in the chest. Just the place where Carly had two broviacs and one port during the course of 33+ months.

Before she received this doll, with all things necessary for fine doctoring. She would use our syringes that I get from the pharmacy to give Carly her Tylenol or antibiotics. I have a gazillion of them!

Paging Doctor Carly...


my family said...

what I sweet girl. I hated reading about the dentist, can you take pictures and report it to someone...that is sickening

Lacey said...

I love how she has her legs crossed. And I love how she puts the syringe right were a line would be. Smart girl.

Heidi said...

What a great doctor! She looks so focused and determined!

I love your menu plan. I have a similar recipe to the chicken and broccoli one you posted. It is delicious!

Thanks for the story you shared on my blog today about Carly at school. What a great story - it's nice to hear about people who realize just how important and special our kids are!

Shari said...

She is simply adorable!

Tina said...

Carly looks so adorable the way she is sitting and concentrating on the very serious procedure taking place!!
Very very cute!!!!

Sasha@ Blyssfulhealth said...

Awe..she looks so cute and so intent on giving that needle.

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

So sweet, but I really wish she had no idea what to do with that little syringe!