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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Wonderland.

We went to bed last night knowing we would likely wake to the beautiful white fluffy blanket of snow.

It's very cold here today. Temp of 21 wind chill of -12.
Carly was VERY excited this morning. We bundled her up and headed out to the bus. She giggled the entire time.
Had I been on the ball this morning at 7:40, I would have taken a picture of Carly dressed in her winter wear from head to toe. Next time!
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Lacey said...

Oh man its been so cold here. single digits, I'm thinking the whole global warming thing is a crock!

Heidi said...

Looks like you got a lot of snow! I'm glad Carly is enjoying it! My boys love the snow too.

Mary said...

I want some snow! Bring on a white Christmas!