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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Birthday gift from a Friend.

Actually, this gift couldn't have come at a better time. Carly is battling strep throat for the 3rd time since Dec 17. We had just gotten home from the doctor yesterday, when the mail man (woman in our case), arrived with a package for Carly. Let me tell you, this kids eyes lit up! I'm quite certain that Carly thinks gifts are an everyday thing around here! Being that her birthday is one week after Christmas!

Pay no attention to her non matching clothing! After the mailman (woman) left, I told Carly she had to go potty first, before she could open her package. Big mean momma. After going potty, we opted for some comfy clothing. I could only get her comfy pants on her, before she darted off to open her gift!

Do you see the word Candy? Well, for a split second, that's what we thought it was. A box of candy. Boy were we ever wrong! It's a matching game!

Carly saying "cheese", while not taking her eyes off this game. It's a very nice matching game. I've never seen one like it. The cards have pictures of all different kinds of candies. Made me want some chocolate while playing it. Ha! We have played this game many times already. It's a big hit!

A HUGE thank you goes out to Polly and Kristen. Who, bytheway....are amazing! All they are going through, and they had time to think about Carly on her Birthday. Kristen, is an amazing gal. I'm blown away by her each time I read Polly's blog. Make sure you check on Kristen. Prayers have been answered many times over for Kristen. Let's keep those prayers up for Kristen and her family. Go visit their blog. I'm telling you, she is amazing! Again, thank you for thinking of Carly during such a trying time for your family. Polly, we received a card in the mail from your mom. It brought tears to my eyes. The card was full of kind words.


my family said...

sweet gift. great birthday pictures...happy birthday Carly!

Stephanie said...

How incredibly thoughtful of Polly and Kristen. We have that matching game too.

Karyn said...

Hope Carly had a great birthday!

Kristin said...

Happy {late} birthday!

Bethany said...

Ugh, strep..blech! Happy birthday sweet girl!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

hmm, anyone out there able to decipher the comment above?

Heather said...

I have received a few of the above kind of comments ... not with a name though and you,I think we really might NOT want to know what it says!!

Now,how is it I missed the big girls birthday.So sorry I didn't get birthday wishes off to you most amazing little girl and to you,her most amazing mom.Hope she had a wonderful,wonderful day.

Zoey got a tiny,mini,matching game for Polly and Kristen too ... now we all can be matching,or at least our miracle girls!