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Friday, January 15, 2010

What's been going on, and...


Man, am I happy today is Friday. This week seemed to drag on forever. Honestly, I think it has a lot to do with the weather. I'm just getting tired of it. I'm sleepy all the time. Cranky too. Or, I suppose it could have something to do with the fact that I started off the week without my dear old friend...Coke Classic. Yep, I'm trying to kick the habit. No doubt, the reason why I'm so ornery and sleepy! I'm lacking my caffeine fix. It's about to kill me! Oh and I'm dieting. No wonder I'm losing my flippin' mind this week! Ha!

Let's see, what else has been going on?? Carly went back to school Monday. She had not been since the start of Christmas break. Which was Dec 18. She kept getting that darn strep throat. Or else, she just couldn't get over it. One or the two. However, I believe, we have finally conquered it. Now, she is dealing with thrush. Ugh. Poor kid. Her tongue and even the corners of her mouth were a mess. Which does seem to be looking better today. After the using Nystatin for the past week.

Each day, I receive reports from the school. The teacher, and all of the other staff who work with Carly; speech teacher, resource teacher (who works on tons of speech w/C), OT, PT..send me a written report on how Carly's day goes. Each day this week, they all reported that Carly worked her little tail off. She really does try so hard to keep up the pace with the other kids. Carly is doing so well the last few months (in school). Her words are exploding. She is FINALLY...talking more. I know that all of her doc's told us, "Give her time. Carly would likely have been talking by now, but she kept getting slammed with all this medical stuff. Causing major delays...over and above the delays seen with Down syndrome". Maybe they were right. I hope so. We have been waiting and waiting for this talking to take off. She is recognizing sight words and even picking them up on her own and bringing them to me while verbally saying the word. WOW! We are thrilled. The school is thrilled. Most importantly, Carly knows this is big stuff. She is very proud of herself.

Yesterday Carly got to celebrate her birthday with her class. The teacher called and asked if we could do it on the 14th. Due to the fact that Carly's bday falls during Christmas break. Then the following week the poor kid was out sick all week. So yesterday was the day. I took cookies and juice boxes to the class. I'm so upset because I didn't have my camera or my cell phone to snap a couple of pics. See what not having Coke Classic is doing to me? Anyway, the kids all sang the bday song to her, as she stood up in front of the class. It brought tears to my eyes. Those kids just LOVE her. They don't view her as being "different". Carly is their peer. Equal, in their eyes. Other than they all about freaked when they asked her how old she was and she proudly displayed 8 tiny fingers. Carly is very tiny. She does not look like an 8yr old. She looks about 4. That may even be pushing it. At any rate, the kids were in shock to learn that she was indeed 8. Actually, she is the oldest in her class. It's so funny to listen to those kids talk. They gush over Carly. They tell her how little and cute she is. And that their baby brother or sister "wear shoes and boots that little too, just like you Carly".

Today, Carly is home from school. It's teacher planning day. Monday is MLK Day. No school Monday either! Sooooooooooooooooo,, she is keeping me hopping this morning. Nothing is making her happy on TV. I finally told her to go find her toys and play. Thankfully, she took me up on that. Right now, she is playing with her puppy. (toy). It came with all things needed to fix a sick puppy right up. A stethoscope, syringes and even a cast for an injured paw. Carly thinks the puppy also needs to be wearing lip gloss all over his/her nose. Which makes for a nice MESS!

OMG, I finally got a facebook acct. Much to Ashleigh's disliking! She tells me it's not for old people. Guess 43 is considered old now. At any rate, I signed up Wed., night. Ashleigh may have a point...I'm having a heck of a time learning how to navigate around facebook. Maybe it should be left to the youngin's! My friends tell me I'll figure it out. They seem to think blogging and facebook are very similar. I beg to differ. This blogging stuff is pretty cut and dry. Facebook has so many different options. Quite frankly, I do not have that much time to spend on a computer. Maybe it will get less time consuming once I figure out just what he heck I'm doing.

Have a great Friday everyone. TGIF!! Once my eyes stay open for more than 20 minute intervals....I'll be back at it. If I make it through my Coke Classic withdrawals!


Michele Risner said...

My parents are on facebook. LOL

Kristen's mom said...

If you're old then I must be ancient. At least I can still say I'm 40 something. I had to join facebook to keep track of my kids. WOW! for Carly! Sounds like she is going to start picking up words fast. If you can give up coke then you're my hero. That's the first thing I have when I wake up and the last thing I have before bed. Let me know how it goes cause that's one wagon I need to jump on.

Tausha said...

Congrats to Carly. I can't wait for Sam to start talking. He babbles and says Mamma and Dadda but that is all. Best of luck with the coke thing. I need to do the same but I am so addicted to the stuff.

Unknown said...

I'm like you Polly, Coke first thing in the morning. I really got hooked on it when Carly was diagnosed with leukemia. Well, Coke and candy bars. That would explain the 40lbs packed on during her treatment span. That's over now, so I REALLY need to get that weight off! I miss my Coke Classic..sniff, sniff!

Heather said...

Hey ... thanks for requesting me to be your friend!Does that sound weird or what??And watch the old stuff ... I got you by a few years!!

Carly sounds as if she is doing great ... despite it all,finding her way beautfully1

Lacey said...

Thats so great that she's doing well in school. Of course all the kids like her!! TGIF to you too!

Bethany said...

Sounds like me with Mt. Dew! I can't stop. For real. :)

Michelle said...

that is wonderful to hear the news of Carly's speech explosion!