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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hot Pockets and Apple Pie!

This is Carly's new favorite food.
She LOVES them. Asks for them every day
when she gets home from school.
Lately, she asks for them for breakfast, lunch & dinner.
I do think, she is hooked, or maybe addicted!

Ham & Cheese is her very favorite.

Each time I pop one in the microwave, her
eyes light up. Which concerns me..because, seriously
who wants their kid to "light up" over any kind of
crap food. Which is what I call Hot Pockets.

The funniest thing; Carly can't for the life of her remember
that she is in fact eating a Hot Pocket. She calls it, "apple pie"
or "pot pie". Yes, she happens to LOVE both of those foods too!
I have to remind her, "no Carly, Hot Pocket". To which she
replies, "duh"!

Speaking of Apple pie. Carly is on a real apple pie kind of kick.
Especially since Easter. When grandma made several kinds
of pies. One being apple!

The week following Easter, Carly kept asking me for "apple pie".
I had no apples to make her one. Which led to quite the
water works! Ashleigh came up with the idea
to call grandma and ask her to make an apple pie.
The catch being, Carly had to actually ask grandma.
That was interesting. Carly gets really shy on the phone.
Even if it's grandma! Eventually my mom heard
in a very quiet voice, "apple pie".
Well, grandma did not disappoint. The next day, Miss Carly
had her very own apple pie. An entire apple pie. Talk about a happy kid.

Rest assured, she did not eat the entire pie all by herself.
Her dad did help her out and her sissy too. But I
have to say, she gave it her best shot to polish the
whole pie off herself.

I'm going to really throw her a curve ball this week. I'm making a peanut
butter pie for Paul. That should really confuse her! I'll bet she'll
enjoy it though! It's pretty tasty and Paul's favorite pie.

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Tina said...

I love apple pie and this one looks delicious...don't blame Carly for trying to eat an entire one herself!