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Thursday, July 2, 2009

In a nut shell...

It's busy around here. To say the least. I guess it is most of the time though, so it really shouldn't be any surprise. Here's what's happening around our neck of the woods. In a nut shell that is!

Carly has been coughing like crazy since Tuesday night. Being a heart patient, she can't take any over the counter cough meds. So, we ride it out. She is on antibiotics, again! Hopefully they will kick in and help that cough out. SOON!!!

Carly is going to summer school. Well, she is suppose to be going to summer school. It actually started last week. It's three days a week for 8 weeks. With the exception of having next week off for the 4th. Well, last week she was only able to go 2 days, due to her appointment with oncology last Thursday. This week, she went on Tuesday runny nose and all. When she got home, I realized she had started in with the coughing. I kept her home on Wednesday and Thursday. She is feeling a bit better, but the cough. Oh, my goodness. It gets bad at times.

Here's a question for everyone out there. Let me start off with a bit of the story first. Then we'll get to the question. Ok. Carly got off the bus Tuesday afternoon. She gets home around 1. Tuesday is the day that the kids are to bring a lunch from home. The other 2 days, lunch is provided. So, I packed her a 1/2 of PB&J sandwich, a gogurt, cheese and crackers and a few animal crackers. Oh, an apple juice too. Anyway, when I went to get her off the bus, I was informed by the driver that Carly was mad at Miss Sherry (teacher). I was a little surprised. Carly rarely gets mad at anyone. I asked the bus driver why and this is what I was told. "Carly wouldn't eat her sandwich and so Miss Sherry wouldn't let her eat anything for lunch." I know for a fact, my chin hit the floor of the bus. I was furious. Would you all have been? Do you think it's wrong that the teacher refused to let Carly eat any of her food? I most certainly do. In the first place, Carly isn't a sandwich eater. The only reason I put that 1/2 of sandwich in her lunch was because I'm trying to get her to eat sandwiches because she will be going to a full day of school next year. Let's face it, school lunches are crap...in most places! Carly will, on occasion eat a few bites, but I don't force her to eat it. I encourage it, but never force. Do you all think that the teacher was way out of line by refusing Carly her lunch? I was just curious and wondering if I'm a nut job for being angry that my child came home sad and starving. I can just picture her little face sitting there watching everyone else eat, but not being allowed to have her lunch, that I packed for her. Chime in and let me know what you think. Gotta move on. I'm getting all worked up again!

We sent Ashleigh off to California late last night. She has gone on vacation with a group of friends. She was very excited, but nervous too. Ashleigh had never been on an airplane before. Their flight was delayed for 1 1/2 hours before take off. That irritated all of them just a bit! But, they are there safe and sound. She is staying at New Port Beach, for any of our California friends out there. I of course have no idea where the heck that is though! At any rate, I hope she has a good time. Maybe the weather out there is better than it is here in Michigan. Sheesh!

Speaking of Michigan weather. The weather has been crappy. It doesn't feel at all like summer this week. The temp today was 63. Yesterday, it wasn't even that warm. On the bright side, things are suppose to warm up for the weekend. Sunny and in the mid 70's for the 4th. Sounds perfect! Let's just hope the weather man got it right.

We are looking forward to some time with family this weekend. My brother and his family are here for a long weekend. They live in IL., now. They were in NM for 15 years and then moved to SC. My brother retired last year and found a great job working for Cargill. My niece has joined the Air Force. Following in dad and mom's footsteps. She leaves for basic training in August. So, they are up visiting before she starts her new journey.

In a nut shell, that's about it for us the past few days. Boring, I know. ;o)


Stephanie said...

I am with you on the withholding the lucnh thing. I would have been furious! I think I would let the teacher know that this is her one warning NOT to let it happen again. Especially if you daughter is a heart kiddo. Does she(the teacher) know that?
If it happens again, I would go to the Administrators. Remind them they DON'T want to be responsible for a hospital bill over a power trip with a 5 year old.

OK I am done now. Sorry. Have a good 4th!

Stephanie said...

My blood would be boiling. A couple of years ago my daughter had a teacher like that. More than once she came home with her lunch not fully eaten because she had something "unhealthy"! As decided by her teacher. I pride myself on being a label reader and providing a well balanced lunch. She is are there to teach not to be a dietician. Anyway I would send the message, not to let that happen again.
As for Ashleigh, wow, first flight!She's going to have so much fun!
And.. have a great time visiting with your family.

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Ugh a lunch issue again. I just do not understand why some teachers and aides think it is their duty to control what the kids eat. I have heard this story many times before. We had a situation with and aide at the high schhol who took Sarah's lunch tray away from her because she was eating her french fries and not her hamburger. As they were walking out that day Sarah took her book bag and flug it at this woman's back. I got a call that they wanted to suspend Sarah for three days because she had made a threatening motion against a teacher. That was the only day in Sarah's entire years of schooling that I went balistic. Once I got all the facts, I could not believe it. Instead of Sarah being suspended they arranged for in-service training for the aides to talk about eating issues with kids with Ds.

I would suggest first calling the teacher and explaining that Carly does not always like a sandwich and you pack other things for her so she will get some nutrition in her to make it through the rest of the day. It's sorta sad thay you have to do what seems like common sense, but better for Carly:)

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

I don't have any experience yet with school and school lunches, but i think you completely are right to be upset about this whole sandwich/not able to eat the rest of her lunch deal! definitely talk to the teacher, so that hopefully nothing like this will happen again!!!! hope you have a warm (weather) and fun 4th of july! :)

Michelle said...

I'm sorry she's got a cough :( Hope she's better now!

That's not right about her lunch at all...I know there were times Kayla would come home with practically everything still in her lunch bag and I would think geesh you didn't eat anything for lunch? but I can't imagine anyone withholding lunch for not eating their sandwich - it's up to the kids what they chose to eat and I didn't think teachers even monitored what or how much of lunch was eaten.

Was your brother in the AF? Where was he stationed? We were in NM for 8 years (at Holloman AFB) and Joe's follow on orders after this deployment are to Charleston AFB in SC!

Lori said...

Oh - I am with you, and the pp regarding the lunch issue. I would definitely be calling the teacher about that one. I think I would be half-tempted to pack her nothing but cookies in her lunch next time :)

Hope the cough gets better soon!