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Monday, September 28, 2009

My menu plan...

I've gotten a jump start on my menu planning today. Normally, I have it set in my mind, but not actually written down until at least Tuesday.

This weeks menu as follows:

  • Mon. - Chili and corn bread muffins
  • Tues. - Meatloaf, boiled potatoes & veggies
  • Wed. - Pulled pork sandwiches-(leftovers from this menu plan) & coleslaw
  • Thur. - Soup with ham and provolone cheese paninis
  • Fri. - Pizza night
  • Sat. - Bratwursts & potato salad (made with xtra potatoes from Tuesdays meal)
  • Sun. - Roast chicken & roasted potatoes with green beans

Menu for week of 10/5:

  • Mon. - goulash, potatoes & veggies
  • Tue. - stuffed ravioli, salad & garlic bread
  • Wed. - baked pork chops, mashed potatoes, gravy & veggies
  • Thur. - burgers, baked beans & fries
  • Fri. - Pizza night
  • Sat. - BLT's
  • Sun. - roast in the crock pot, noodles and veggies
I'm sharing my recipe for the beef stew that we had last week. It's really good and really easy to make. Just click here for the 5 hour beef stew recipe. You wont be disappointed if you choose to make it!!


Adrienne said...

Look at you- all organized! I actually have a menu plan for this week as well- they never happens! Hope it goes well for me. I'll have to check that recipe out!

Lacey said...

As always, thanks for the great dinner ideas.

Unknown said...

I'm trying to stay on top of this menu plan thing. It's sometimes difficult to do. I'm now looking for new recipes.
FYI for anyone who is reading the comments. I have the left over pork loin in my freezer. I already did all the pulling apart. I think placed it in a freezer bag for later use. I just read that post and thought, oops..someone may wonder why on earth I would keep left overs for that long. LOL!