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Thursday, December 3, 2009


When I got up and around this morning, I did as I often do. Headed to my computer to check up on all the blogs I follow. :o)

As the morning went on. I found a blog that I follow had a new post. I naturally clicked on the link, anxious to check out her most recent post. I was very surprised to read her very long drawn out letter that she posted to Tiger Woods. I decided to leave a comment. It wasn't at all a nasty, negative comment. It was simply my opinion. Imagine my surprise when I received an email from this blogger. Wow. Let's just say, I had my very first negative experience with a fellow blogger today. Unbelievable.

I wont mention any names, because, well that's just me. I'm very disappointed in this blogger. I have followed her blog for quite some time. Way before I was a blogger myself. This particular blogger has had a sick child born a year ago, with a horrible heart defect. I can so relate to that. Maybe that's what drew me into her blog. Although, I must say, I have enjoyed many of her posts. Actually, most of her posts. Until today.

For some reason, this particular blogger felt the need to write a letter to Tiger Woods. A letter posted on her blog for her many, many followers to view. She left her comment section open. She wanted her followers to leave comments. She even tweeted about it, to draw people to her blog. Now to me, and this is only my opinion, but this is a story that is sure to stir the pot. I read through some of the comments before leaving mine. I let my opinion be known. In a nut shell I said, "shame on you Tiger Woods".

Well.....this blogger emailed me. She let me know she did not like what I had to say. Seriously?!?! Um, she is the one who tweeted, that she wanted to know other peoples take on this letter written by her, to Tiger Woods. A letter that she herself posted on her blog. This blogger preached to me, about how God will forgive Tiger Woods and how it's such a wonderful thing to be able to be forgiven. Yes. It is. I agree. It will be fabulous for Mr Woods to be forgiven. If Mr Woods even knows God. How do we know? We don't. Besides that, if Mr. Woods truly did have extra marital affairs, he should most definitely feel some sort of quilt and shame. Although this blogger disagrees with that. I believe Mr. Woods so much as said, that he did feel some quilt and shame when he released his statement to the media.. Not in those exact words, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to read between the lines. I may be wrong here, and PLEASE correct me if I am. But, isn't one of the 10 commandments Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery? It was when I learned the commandments.

Whatever the case may be regarding Mr. Tiger Woods. It's a very sad situation for all involved. People who are involved are going to be dragged straight into the media for the whole entire world to judge. Sad.

The whole thing is just crazy. Why on earth would anyone post a letter to Tiger Woods about his own private business? As if he's going to read it. Crazy!

As for this fellow blogger. I'm so very disappointed in her response to me. I've prayed for her family and her child many times. Now, I don't know what to think about her. I do feel as if this fellow blogger gave me a 'virtual slap to the face' today. Yes, it still stings. OUCH! ;o)


Kristin said...

Wow - that's weird (on her part not yours).

Shari said...

Wow! I read that post and moved on because I thought it was weird! In order to receive forgiveness, to my knowledge, someone needs to ask for it to receive it? Am I wrong? God forgives before we ever ask but that is God! She wrote that to Tiger Woods, but what about Jon and Kate? Same situation and much more messy! Thanks for being honest!

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Okay... because I have absolutely NOTHING BETTER TO DO,I figured out in about two seconds who you were talking about and read through PAGES of comments on her post,till I got to yours.And ... yours was absolutely harmless.I mean harmless.So many others totally disagreed with her,more forcibly and are you saying she responded to all them with an email?I find that strange and here comes my opinion again ... I TOTALLY think it was done for hits.Her site generates tons of hits a day and that equals money.I found the entire letter really,really strange and presumptuous.Well,off to bed ... got to love this stuff.Now let it go my friend.

The VW's said...

I can't believe that she e-mailed you about this! Definitely crazy!

If he did commit adultery, then I say the same thing! "Shame on you Tiger Woods!"

God does forgive, but it doesn't mean that he should have done this in the first place! What if we all just did whatever we wanted to do just because we were forgiven?! This world would be in a bigger mess than it already is!

Sorry she gave you a virtual slap...hope it heals soon! Hugs!

Bethany said...

Even if you don't name her by name, am I allowed to say how much I can't stand MckMama? And this is my own two cents, but that entire post was a backhanded way for her to tell her own haters to back off. She just did it using Tiger's story. She crazy.

Lacey said...

I will say that I hate Mckmama too. She has found a way to make money off her sons illness. Nice. I think she is totally fake.
As for Tiger woods, loser. Lost all respect for that man. He says God can't make you love your wife. No but you can have the decency to get a divorce before you start being with other women. I don't understand why men in the spotlight can't seem to stay committed to their wifes.

Anonymous said...

So she emailed all the other people who didn't leave 'nice comments' and bitched them out too, right? I used to love her blog, now...not so much. Good for you for stating your opinion!

Unknown said...

Recently, I have wondered about her blog. The way she threw her family and their child into the spotlight. Why on earth would anyone do that?? Our daughter has fought many a battles to survive. ALL of my focus was on her. NOT informing the world of her issues.
I too wonder, if she jumped on anyone else who left her way worse comments. I think the last time I checked, she had over 800 comments to that post. Why on earth I was called out on leaving my opinion, is beyond me.

Thanks Heather for looking at the comment that I did leave for her.
I didn't think I left an nasty comment. It was simply my opinion.

For now, my opinion of this blog has changed. I have "un-followed" her at this point. It blows my mind how some (many) people are in some way brain washed by her posts.

At any rate. I'm done with her and her blog! She is in search of fame and fortune. All due to her once sick child. Amazing the lengths that some people will take to achieve that fame and fortune!

Shari said...

I received an email too today when I made the comment about political correctness and liberalism. It was nice and I just disagreed with her. However, that email I received was from another blogger and not MckMama herself. Could it have been from another reader? If she emailed personally that was uncalled for. Wow! I have now stopped reading her blog. I think she's become a fake and is in it for the money. How many people have you heard in bloggy world say they are going to become a 'professional blogger'? That's blows my mind! Is there even such a thing?

my family said...

I think everyone is right. I read her blog too and it makes me wonder...a lot...why does she do this? She wanted an opinion and she got one. Don't worry about this and let it upset you. I am really questioning if I will follow her blog too(I really "keep up" with it for the pictures, lol) *Smiles* it will be OK

Unknown said...

Oh yes. It was "her" who emailed me. I did reply to "her". After which, I received another email from another reader. This reader was ticked at "her". So yes, to answer you question Shari, it was "her" who emailed me.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I knew right away who you were talking about too... I couldn't even get through the whole letter it was SO long. I did read the first few comments though saying it was a letter to all of us and we need to listen to her "teachings"? That kind of... I don't know... struck me as odd. She's not a pastor, she's not God.

I didn't read your comment, but I can't imagine you saying anything horrible so it REALLY surprises me she took the time to email you about it! Craziness! I too wonder how many other people she emails about their comments... I can't even imagine reading all those comments every day! Don't let it get to you... I think we've all been slapped in the blogger world. Some of us by people we thought were friends. It sucks.

Bethany said...

I stopped reading her a long time ago, although I have kept up with Stellan's progress. The last time I again threw in the towel was that ever-so-staged video of PC coming around the corner after his surgery in Boston. Riiight, PC had just come from the airport --- with no luggage or anything? They got their reunion on tape, got their I-love-yous on tape for all to see ... make me want to throw up. And aside from that, all of that was my point --- when they have a sick child, who goes calling the news outlets to bring a camera crew? I mean, did you hear her tell PC that she hadn't even told him she was doing the news piece? Really? You don't tell your child's father that you are airing all his business to the world? Ahh, I need to stop ... she crazy!

And this is coming from some who has advertised with her long ago, before she jacked up her ridiculous prices (I own a baby boutique) AND from someone that she no less begged for free merchandise, saying she would credit my boutique when she blogged about it and took pictures -- WHICH SHE NEVER DID. Remember the post where she showed one of the boys wearing the blue coveralls that had a bandana print accent? Yep. Pff.

Oh, and it is funny to go read the Boycott MckMama blogs ... they really make sense to me!

Me said...

ugh...I don't like her either! I saw that post and just skipped right over it. Seriously, what's the point! I'm sorry you got such a nasty email from her, but you know what, just blow it off. She's a nobody who just thinks she's somebody.

Denise said...

Okay..I just spent the last HOUR reading through the comments on that blog looking for your comment. I don't see where you wrote ANYTHING offensive. Even your rebuttal comment wasn't mean. Don't think that warranted a nasty email at all. There were definitely many more that were much nastier. Maybe you struck the right chord and she didn't like that.

JennyH said...

Wow! I don't read that blog and I guess I'm glad I don't!

Who cares what Tiger Woods is doing!? Not me personally.

Sorry you got 'slapped' for stating your opinion.