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Saturday, January 9, 2010


UPDATE: I just got on my blog and found some weird stuff. I see duplicate pictures, that were not there before. And, they don't show up when I go in to edit them out. If that makes sense. Ha. No clue what happened. Too weird. Oh well...you get the just of if. I always look at my posts after I post them. Just to see if I made any silly errors. Those duplicates were not there then either. Hmmm. Sorry about that :o)

Carly started her life placed on medication for hypothyroidism at the age of 3 weeks. Then went on to have heart surgery at the age of 3 months.

At the age of 4 months, came home on Viagra...................one of many medications that she has taken.

The Viagra was in tablet form. I had to crush it up in a prescribed amount of water and stirred until dissolved. Giving it to her 4Xper day. Then reducing it down gradually (to wean her off it).
Not to mention, the other 6 heart related drugs that she came home on. The grand total at that time, along with Synthroid for hypothyroidism + Viagra = 8 medications a day. Various amounts given at various times throughout the day. She took them all like a champ.

SEE??? No problem.
Here she sits, taking Viagra out of a syringe. Like a champ. With no problems whatsoever. She took this stuff this for 1year & 6months.

I can only imagine, this tasted AWFUL. (I didn't taste this drug)

September 25, '04: Bam. Cancer struck. Treatments began. 26 months worth to be exact. This was the day before being discharged from Mott Children's Hospital. After our leukemia diagnosis in '04.
Handling her IV medications like a champ. Never once complaining.

Carly having her last dose of Mercaptopurine (oral chemo). In Nov '06. Again, taken like a champ. Again, giving a med to herself.

Her last Vincristine ( IV chemo) Nov '6. No problems. Ever. She would climb up in the chair, get hooked up to her port and just breeze through it. Course, it wasn't always a breeze. Chemo sucks. About as bad as cancer sucks. Some of the chemo via IV was really bad. Some made her very ill. But, she NEVER complained. She just went with the flow of things. As long as that pacifier was in her mouth!

Below, is how I dealt with all of the medications during chemo. I had to track everything she took. It was my attempt to keep my head straight. Writing each medication down. Tacking lists upon lists onto my cupboard. Checking it off each day, after giving any medication to her. It stressed me out majorly. I'm so unlike Carly...she never, ever complained.

Moving right along to '09 and '10. Carly has decided. ENOUGH MEDICATION ALREADY! She is sick and tired of medication. Who could blame the poor girl? She's had her share. And then some.
This Omnicef is very good stuff. It tastes GREAT! Carly always used to love it. She just sat, opened her mouth and down the hatch it went. In fact, she would often ask for "more".
Zithromax = Ick. According to Miss Carly. I don't think so. Neither does Paul. Yes, we do taste all of her medications. Except for the Viagra. I just couldn't bring myself to taste that stuff. We taste her medication, just so we know ourselves how good or bad tasting they really are. We don't think Zithromax tastes bad at all. Carly .... well, let's just say, it didn't go so well. It was TERRIBLE.

Thankfully, she is back on the Omnicef this go 'round. She has been doing so well with it. Until last night. Oye.... What a time I had getting 1 stinking teaspoon down her at bedtime . She has turned into a little squirrel. Holding her medication in her mouth f o r e v e r . . . Just like the squirrels store their nuts in their mouths.
The end result is something we are NOT used to around here. Tears. Lots and lots of tears. I really think Carly has simply had ENOUGH medication. Certainly enough to last her a life time. Or so she thinks. She's likely, just plain tired of it all. Although, one would think taking medication is a second nature for Carly. It's all she's ever known.
Until now. And so, I will keep giving her the medication. Much to her disliking. I'm not sure what the problem is. I can promise you, it's very stressful. I dread each time her medications are due.


Bethany said...

Aww Payton has always taken meds very well too. I'm waiting for the day she becomes like every other kid on this earth who hates meds! LOL

my family said...

oh my heart breaks for you and C both

Lacey said...

I guess I'm lucky in that I've never had to give Jax medication by mouth. He's always had a tube to put it in. I don't realize that i've taken that for granted for 4 years!

Sasha@ Blyssfulhealth said...

Oh I can't imagine how hard that is giving all those meds. We have alwasy had the tube as well so whe never get into the taste of it. Your med's sheets bring back memories to me of tracking things. However I was never as organized as you were. Best of luck and hope it get's better with the meds. Can you put it in anything?

Tina said...

Oh poor sweet dear Carly, she really does need a break from all this medication, it isn't fair is it! But I understand we have to continue with it if we want our babies to be healthy, as much as it hurts us. But I don't blame Carly for going on strike and literally letting you know enough is enough!!

Erin said...

Hope Carly has an easier time with her medicine soon! What a trooper she is!

The VW's said...

Those pictures of her are PRECIOUS!!! What a sweetie!

Sorry that you have to take that yucky medicine Carly! Hugs!!