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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh for pete's sake

McDonald's warned: Drop the toys or get sued
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Honestly, do these "groups" have nothing better to do than to go after McDonald's and their happy meal toys??? Can't people focus on the needs of the American people. How 'bout the Gulf Oil Spill. How 'bout the homeless children. How 'bout childhood cancer. How 'bout Congenital Heart Defects....Why on earth go after a fast food chain?? You people need to get a LIFE!

Yep, I'm guilty. I have taken my kids to McDonald's for years and years. I've purchased the happy meals each time. My kids got nearly all the "mini" beanie babies from happy meals. So what??!! It was MY decision to take my kids to McDonald's. Mine! What's the difference...school lunches, in Michigan anyway, are terrible. Probably worse than McDonald's.

Happy meals and toys go hand in hand. It's up to the parent to NOT take their children there. If they don't want their kids to eat McDonald's and get a toy...then don't go to McDonald's! However, if the parents see no harm in the freaking toy...then so be it. Yeah, I know this group is all about the poor choice of food being served with the happy meal,,,but again,,,this falls upon the parent. NOT McDonald's.

It's like walking into a candy store with your kids, but telling them...sorry, no candy for you. Give me a break.

This is my sweet girl. Taken last August. I took Carly to McDonald's for my birthday! And because she had just had a blood draw, checking out her platelet count. Do you see a toy in this picture? Yep...it's on her wrist!

Seriously people...if you don't approve of McDonald's food and their happy meal toys...then don't take your kids there. It's really that simple!


a narretto said...

THANK YOU...what are these people's problem...way too much time on their hands. obviously!

Heather said...

Love the picture of your beautiful girl!

Thank you for sharing her with us Joany.

Envyshope said...

AMEN! How can I say this loud enough for you to hear in Michigan Joany?!!! We love Happy Meals and McDonalds - we go there for special occasions. SO WHAT!?

Also - beautiful picture of your sweet girl. Hope your family is doing okay - we have been praying for you.

Also - my husband's father was from Michigan. He really wants to visit some day. His dad died many years ago but he has not seen any of his dad's family in a long time.

Blessings - Kelli Stever

Rochelle said...

I giggled on this post Joany! I was thinking the same thing last night when I heard this crazy story on the news.
Really nothing better to focus on in the world than a toy in a happy meal? Really?
Love the picture!

Kelly said...

I could not agree more!!! It's so sad that this is even an issue!!

BTW, love the pic!!!

Anonymous said...

u gettum mama if carly wouldve recieved a happy meal without the toy she probably wouldve gave them the bird and thats what we should do to lol her spirit is with us all!!!!!

Becca said...

Beautiful photo! And too true - if you don't want your kids to eat McDonalds, don't take them there. Simple. The responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the parents, and if I want to indulge and get my daughter a happy meal with a toy, so what? :-)

Kim said...

Everybody deserves a trip to the golden arches once in awhile. Those people need to realize they do have healthy choices and you can always buy the toy without the meal. Life is all about choices~

Love that picture of Carly~So sweet

The VW's said...

EXACTLY! People take so much time and energy focusing on such crazy stuff! And, nobody seems to ever want to take responsibility for one's own actions...UGH!

I love that picture of Carly! So sweet! You must miss her terribly! Thinking of you and praying! Love and Hugs!!!

Bulldogma said...

Well said!!! I TOTALLY agree!
Your post made my day!!

Angi said...

Spoken like a mama!! Agree completely!

Unknown said...

well said! and yes, we have all the shrek talking toys...they are on my dash!

she could really care less...just loves those french fries! (i know, i know...but not that often!)

lovin the Carly girl pic....and lovin you.....

e & molly kate

Mary said...

Beautiful picture.

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Couldn't agree with you more!

Tina said...

Love that picture...I remember you mentioning in one of your posts how Carly loved her Macdonalds, and I don't bleame her so does my son and frankly I don't mind them myself.

We have a right to choose what we give our children and how often, so if there are parents so against Macdonalds and their toys well just don't go...I am sure they have the power and strength to choose or can't they resist Macdonalds themselves??

Unknown said...

I totally agree Joany!! no one drags them in there -- and E-V loves her chicken nuggets for doing well in PT : ) every once in a while !! and it is my choice as her parent..I love that picture it is so adoreable..and I really really wish people would put all their energy & efforts to the causes that really need them ..like all of the ones you mentioned and more.. God give me strength..but you made my day as well..im sitting at my desk chuckling -- saying she is soo right!!

Michelle said...

oh my goodness what an absurd lawsuit! Seriously! well said post.

and I love that picture of Karly; breathtaking and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Anonymous said...


JennyH said...

Totally agree! If they don't want their kid to eat McD... then way do they take them there??

Cute picture!