"Grieving the loss of a child is a process, it begins the day your child passes and ends the day the parent joins them."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 4.

Today, November 4th, our middle child turns 21 years old. This is unreal to me. I can not figure out how time goes by so fast. Sure wish I could flip a switch and slow it down.

This will be a hard birthday for all of us to get through. The first birthday of Carly's siblings, without Carly. The first of many that we have to figure out how to get through. My heart breaks that she will not be here to join in with the birthday cake and ice cream. She loved her "bubba" very much. And cake and ice cream were a big hit with her too.

We will face today as we face each day; walking through grief, as there is no way around it. We'll eat cake and ice cream and sing to our middle child. Just as we always do. Although it will not be the same. We will do it. We have to.

Today is Brad's day. The focus, on him today. Happy Birthday Brad!

Here's Brad on his 1rst birthday.

And here he is today...well, recently!

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a narretto said...

Happy bday brad. Carly is smiling down at you and wishing you a great day I know it ;).

Rochelle said...

Happy birthday Brad.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to Brad!
I hope your day is great. And for the family you ALL remain in my prayers!

Kristin said...

Happy birthday Brad. Hope you have a great day!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Brad!!!!

I don't think I've ever seen a picture of you! It's nice to put a face to your name! Nice face too!!