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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lab work results.

My mom and I took Carly for her lab work yesterday afternoon. We went to a local lab. Thankfully there were no other people in the lab. Just mom, Carly, myself and 2 lab techs. Whew! I was nervous going into the lab. Fearing that everyone has the Swine flu! Even though Carly was vaccinated. I'm still leery.

Lab results are:

white count 3.3

hemoglobin 13.3

platelets 85,000

ANC 1.7

August was our last blood draw. The lab results were:

white count 3.8

hemoglobin 13.8

platelets 75,000

ANC ?? like 1.2 (cant remember)

I'm okay with these results. Of course I would much rather Carly have normal platelets, but she does not. I have to learn to live with that. The last time Carly had normal platelets was last February. Truthfully, it sucks. It's one more thing for me to worry about with her. Lord knows, I could use a break from the worrying department!

The big thing that worries me is of course, bleeding issues. It scares the crap out of me. Even though her doctors have all told me, countless times that Carly is okay. She has enough platelets to cover bleeding issues. They tell me that she could even have many major surgeries with the range that her platelets seems to be staying in. Still, I worry. I watch every bruise that Carly gets. I even ask her where she got them. She usually tells me "playground" and "climbing"! I watch them closely. They all heal up just fine.

One other thing that's a pain with low platelets. Carly can have nothing for pain/fever other than Tylenol. I'm not knocking Tylenol. It's a great drug. The problem is, it doesn't work worth beans for Miss Carly. Motrin works like a charm. All us cancer moms know. No Motrin with low platelets. Reason being, Motrin eats up the platelets. Soooo, lets just hope and pray little Miss Carly has very little need for any pain/fever reducers this winter.

For now. We sit tight. Carly will likely be getting labs drawn again in a few months. November was suppose to kick off our one year between appointments with oncology. So much for that happening. I know the doc will want to see her before a year. I also know, she will be getting several blood draws to continue monitoring her platelets. Maybe someday her platelets will go back to normal and we can get to those one year appt's. Those appt's are something that every cancer family waits so long for.

For now. I'm sitting here waiting to hear from the Oncologist. The nurse called earlier with the results, but she had not yet talked with the Doc as to what the game plan is.


Denise said...

THANK YOU for the info about Motrin and low platelets!! As you know, Ella is the queen of low platelets (58,000 2 weeks ago) and I gave her a little Motrin last night. She is getting a couple of teeth and seemed a little grumpy so before bed, I gave her a small dose. Thankfully only once, but I am so glad for the info.

Lacey said...

I know its so hard to not be nervous with our kidos, but try not to get to worked up, girl you'll give yourself an ulcer:)

Tina said...

I know it's hard or should I say next to impossible not to worry about our kids, I hope Carly's counts improve so that you can get some peace of mind

Sasha@ Blyssfulhealth said...

My heart goes out to you while you deal with all of this. Yes I know the worry too. I worry about different things but I still worry. Make sure to take care of yourself as I am sure you know it can wear you down. Praying for you and better results

Anonymous said...

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