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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Questions answered!

So, , , I've been getting some questions in my comments and in my email. Thought I would take a minute to answer a few.

Why not seek a second opinion regarding Carly's platelet count?
Carly's Oncologist has done every single test possible to try and get to the bottom of Carly and her platelet issue. The last test being the Ultra Sound of her spleen and liver function. Which both checked out A-okay! There are no more tests to do. As I said, we know it is not cancer. It is not due due damaged organs; such as the liver and spleen..which would have been caused by the chemo. And it has nothing to do with the functioning of the liver and spleen. ** Carly's other blood work is perfect.. well, perfect for her!**

What is ITP?

The best I can do to answer that question, since I don't really get it yet myself..is to let you read up on it yourselves. Click here. You'll likely be overloaded with information that really doesn't explain the, "why".

Aren't you a nervous wreck that her platelets will bottom out suddenly?
Well, yes I am. But, our Oncologists has told me she doubts that will happen. It could, but she doesn't expect it to. And, I know the signs to watch for. Such as Petechiae, nose bleeds, bruising - where you wouldn't typically see it on a child. Such as buttocks, upper arms, lower arms, neck, face, torso...etc. In other words, those on the knees and shins are more typical bruises for kids.

Is there any treatment for ITP?
From what I have learned thus far, yes. Mainly it is used for adults. Not in children. If her platelets did suddenly drop. Like to 10,000. She would need a platelet transfusion. Trust me, I'm still learning about this.

How did this happen (low platelets)?
Tough question. No one really knows the answer to this one. We all suspect it was due to a viral bug that Carly developed last May. It lasted for 12 days. And I mean 12 straight days, of diarrhea. Carly ended up losing just a bit over 4lbs during that bug. That's when her platelets really took a nose dive. They haven't been normal since. However, her platelets would dip down to around 107,000 & 115,000 during the months of last February '09 and November of '08. Each time, she had just been sick. So that was the doc's reasoning to both those lower than normal counts.

Will she ever recover with her platelet disorder?
Yes, she can recover her platelet disorder. Will she? We don't know. But, it is very possible. Per the Oncologist. I have read that kids do, often times get over this condition. Only time will tell. Prayers wouldn't hurt either!

Can her low platelet condition turn into cancer again?
Believe me, I asked this very question. The answer is NO! I was told that leukemia leads to low platelets. Low platelets do not lead to leukemia. We already have ruled out leukemia. Back in June when Carly had to be check via a bone marrow aspirate. The results were: 100% cancer free!

Is there anything that you need to change in your lives with this newest diagnosis?
No. We go about living life. The only real thing we need to do, is be careful with giving Carly Motrin and Advil. Although, she can have it occasionally, per the Oncologist. Otherwise. We go about our merry way. Myself..well, I need to find a bit more peace of mind with this. Other than that. Life will continue marching forward!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Whew! Well that's all GOOD news!! Especially about the part that it CAN'T turn back into Leukemia! We'll be praying hard that her platelets NEVER bottom out!

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